What are the Top Marketing Methods for Dentists?

What are the Top Marketing Methods for Dentists?

In today's technological climate, having a strong online presence is important to the success of a business. This is also true in the dental market, as having a strong brand and reputation is just as important as delivering quality service. Marketing tools help you present information in an easy way, which satisfies your customer's desire to learn more about your services while driving more traffic to your site. Here are some top marketing methods that dentists can use to help their brand.

Social Media

Use social media to promote discounts involving your services. This is a great way to boost traffic and get customers interested. Consider running a contest to give away free dentures, or raising money to cover the costs of dental care for those in need.


Videos are a great way to promote your services on the internet. A video could show how a particular dental procedure is carried out. You may need to hire an editor, but generally it takes only a little but of time and effort to create cool videos. The information included in the video can help boost traffic to your website.


Infographics emphasize visual representation to deliver the most information in a compact package. Sharing interesting infographics can help you generate traffic.

Local Optimization

The expansion of Google Local has made it a key tool that people use to search for businesses. Google Local is an excellent way to promote your business. A nicely written profile about your dental services on Google Local business listing can help you get noticed. When customers review your services, that helps your brand and gives you exposure that will attract more customers.

Guest Posting

How effective videos and other types of marketing are depends on if they go viral. Guest posting occurs when you get your content published on another site. Guest posting is a great marketing tool because of the exposure and the opportunity to add great content to the site.

Google Authorship

Authorship allows people to claim authorship of content that is published on other domains and link it to their Google profile. After you receive authorship, the searches for your services will display a link to your profile. Your profile can generate traffic to your website and help your brand. Authorship will help you attract more customers.


Re-marketing occurs when you visit a site and cookies are placed on your browser. Only relevant ads are shown when you search the internet. Re-marketing promotes relevancy, as people will be shown ads that can trace them back to your site.