How to Market a Boring Business

How to Market a Boring Business

Some businesses are downright exciting. For example, it's not hard to advertise a new roller coaster at a theme park or an exciting movie that is about to be released. Unfortunately, not all marketing gigs are this easy. There are times when folks are stuck trying to advertise a boring business. If this is your latest assignment, don't worry! Here are some ways you can give that boring business some needed attention.


Humor is perhaps the best way to go when it comes to marketing a boring business. A business may be boring, but its advertisement can be extremely funny and memorable. For example, some the most hilarious Super Bowl ads are about simple snack foods. Snack foods are cheap, unhealthy, and forgettable. However, they also have some of the most successful marketing campaigns of all time from the constant use of humor in their ads.

Human Connections

Many boring businesses actually do important things for society. For example, think about package delivery companies. Their entire job is to simply move objects from one location to another. This is a pretty boring job description. However, advertisers have worked hard to show these companies are full of caring people who want to get that delivery job done right. If you can find a way to make your boring business have a human connection, you will be well on your way to advertising that boring business.

Push a Bargain

A business may be boring, but that doesn't mean that it isn't needed or wanted. One of the best ways to get people to pay attention to a boring business is to let people know the business is offering their goods and services at a great price. The opportunity to save some money is never boring for most people. Creating coupons, offering extra services, or even giving goods and services away for free can be a great way to make a boring business seem extraordinary in the eyes of the public. Everybody loves free stuff!

Compare and Contrast

Even boring businesses have competitors. Also, being the best at something is never boring! Try to compare the goods and services of a boring business with a competitor. If consumers can see how much better the boring business happens to be, they will remember it!